The O’Wiley Factor

Fox News sucks.  Welcome to ‘Fucks News’ and ‘The O’Wiley Factor’.   My take on current events.  Love it or Hate it (50 cent/Game?), I’ll force-feed Truth.

Update:  It has come to my attention that Stephen Colbert beat me to the punch on the ‘Fucks News’ idea, what a shame.  However, ‘The O’Wiley Factor’ will remain steadfast.  Bill O’Reilly will meet his adversary Pat O’Wiley, who produces the most ground-breaking Commentary ever on current events.  Bill was also left behind, we’ll now face off in hell to see who’s more full of shit… the guy who’s employed by the most biased ‘News’ organization in history, or the angry 20 year old.

As Tucker Max once titled his book, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” because this asshole’s really going to need to take the edge off after I reem him.


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