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A Guide For Those Left Behind

–> A Guide For Those Left Behind <–

Screw Blogs

First off, nothing irritates me more than some stupid tween who creates a blog to whine about their imperfect life.  So, finally, I decided to make a blog to rant against things that piss me off.  What happens?  Some punk already has created MY blog idea.  I get stuck with ‘rapturehappened’ <– totally stupid.  However, less stupid than the 89 year old idiot who decided through some moronic use of mathematics that the rapture would happen on May 21st.  Well, I got left behind – Thanks God. 

So, if you’re stuck in my position, maybe this will help you pass the time.  Through philosophy, religion, and my own sardonic views of life, I will guide you through the seeming ‘cesspool’ that God abandoned.  Let me be your saviour.


PS:  I’ll do my best to update some aspect of this site daily, but I’m a slug, so this may not happen.  Just peruse pages, I’ll try to date things to stay organized.








About rapturehappened

I'm 20. I'm annoyed. I have an ego. I made a stupid blog to rant.

9 responses to “A Guide For Those Left Behind

  1. Wise eagle ⋅

    I, the wisest of all creatures, was also left behind. What gives? God really must have a toothpik up his ass. But then again the rapture is probably just a “paradox” that cannot be explained

  2. First off, nothing irritates me more than some tween who creates a blog to whine about their imperfect life. Actually, I’ve never read one before but you’ve made me seen the light. Cool design tho, and I like the O’Wiley Factor on Fucks News. Problem is, Stephen Colbert beat you to that. Sorry!

  3. @Wolfcampcollege

    Nowadays, there is no such thing as ‘originality’. I guess I’ll just have to drop Fucks News and stick Solely with the O’Wiley Factor.

    @Wise Eagle

    Couldn’t have said it better.

  4. Medicine Bear say Wise Eagle ironic paradoxical wise ass.

  5. Wise Eagle is the wisest of all, according to Tricky Coyote. Medicine must stay in his domain and not tamper with that which he cannot understand.

  6. Stinky Skunk say what does Tricky Coyote know? Stinky Skunk raise tail.

  7. Crisp, you’ve got to get out more, dude.

  8. Haishkah ⋅

    Hey guys! Wise eagle And Tricky coyote, I’ve been 12 years old for the last 10 years or so… Is this some kind of paradox related to the rapture? Or a paradox in it’s own right that can’t be explained?

  9. Haha. Another blast from the Chasman!

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