The Return

It has been a long summer.  I have returned.  More scripture will be scrawled.  Hold tight, brace yourself, let’s roast these blokes.

Roast Bloke


A Guide For Those Left Behind

–> A Guide For Those Left Behind <–

Screw Blogs

First off, nothing irritates me more than some stupid tween who creates a blog to whine about their imperfect life.  So, finally, I decided to make a blog to rant against things that piss me off.  What happens?  Some punk already has created MY blog idea.  I get stuck with ‘rapturehappened’ <– totally stupid.  However, less stupid than the 89 year old idiot who decided through some moronic use of mathematics that the rapture would happen on May 21st.  Well, I got left behind – Thanks God. 

So, if you’re stuck in my position, maybe this will help you pass the time.  Through philosophy, religion, and my own sardonic views of life, I will guide you through the seeming ‘cesspool’ that God abandoned.  Let me be your saviour.


PS:  I’ll do my best to update some aspect of this site daily, but I’m a slug, so this may not happen.  Just peruse pages, I’ll try to date things to stay organized.